Our Staff

Dickinson Presbyterian is proud of the work that is contributed by our staff. Each plays an invaluable role here at Dickinson in both the daily functions of the church and in Sunday worship.

Temporary Pastor

Pastor Jeanette

Rev. Dr. Jack Sproat

Rev. Dr. Jack Sproat is an honorably retired pastor. For many years he was pastor of Hope Presbyterian Church, Dauphin. He has served in a number of positions in Carlisle Presbytery, including moderator. He is currently the chairperson of the Committee on Ministry.


Owen McCullough is a member of First United Presbyterian in Newville, but also very dedicated to the mission of Dickinson.


Michele has been maintaining the church buildings for a number of years now and she does a magnificent job! Michele is the mother of three daughters. She lives in Newville with her husband Steve.

Sally Anderson

email Sally at dpcusa@gmail.com