Special Services

dpc crossAsh Wednesday – We mark the beginning of Lent through prayers of confession and repentance. There is an opportunity to receive a sign of forgiveness in the cross of ashes marked on our hands or foreheads. We receive Holy Communion.

Palm Sunday – The waving of palms and liturgy that brings us through the Passion of Christ marks this regular Sunday worship service.

Maundy Thursday – Communion is celebrated during this service.

Good Friday – We worship with our brothers and sisters in the ecumenical community as we mark Jesus’ death for us.

Easter – REJOICE! Our Lord is risen! The resurerction of our Lord is celebrated with a sunrise service, our 10:30 worship and an Easter egg hunt for our children.

Youth Sunday – A worship service led by our youth, usually in May, with the Word proclaimed by our seniors.

VBS Sunday – A celebration of music and faith with the kids leading in all of the fun new songs they learned during the previous week.

Rally Day Our annual celebration of the beginning of a new year of Sunday School.

Outdoor Worship – A summer celebration of the great outdoors. Worship takes place underneath the trees by the Manse followed by a picnic and ice cream under the Pavilion. Bring your favorite lawn chair!

Christmas Eve – A traditional candlelight service of Lessons & Carols where the Biblical story of Christ’s birth are read, choral music is presented and favorite hymns are sung. The service begins at 7pm but come come early to get a seat!

Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper – Celebrated at least 7 times of year the breaking of the bread and the drinking of the cup is a symbol of the saving grace of the risen Lord until He comes again! Always served on the first Sunday of October and the first Sunday of Advent.

Sacrament of Baptism – We celebrate both infant and adult baptism. Cleansed from sin through baptism and joined to the body of Christ, the congregation welcomes the newly baptized and all recommit their lives to Christ and to one another.