The Sanctuary

Built in 1823 and finished in 1829, DPC’s one and only sanctuary has provided for consistent worship since its first service in the early nineteenth century. Over the past 180 years, many minor changes have been made to the structure, but a complete renovation of the sanctuary’s interior occurred in the mid-1990’s. In addition, the building is now air condition.

The structure maintains its historic presence with original windows, wood floors and the original library. At one time the library was a lending library for the surrounding community. The sanctuary is located among a number of majestic oaks which are at least 200 years old. The brick structure sits on a stone foundation with a partial hand dug basement. The bricks have recently been repointed and sealed. A new roof has also been installed, replacing the aging standing seam roof.

The sanctuary’s interior has been preserved with its plain, but historic decor. The original wooden wide plank floors have maintained their beauty over the years, as has the original wooden ceiling with it’s white wash finish. The pulpit is in the front of the sanctuary, just in front of the choir loft. The current organ has been located on the right front side of the sanctuary since the early 1980’s. The library in the rear of the sanctuary still contains a collection of historic books.