Dickinson Presbyterian Church’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs are nurtured by the Board of Deacons. The board consists of six ordained deacons who serve a three-year term. Deacons are permitted to serve two terms, after the second term they are ineligible to serve as a deacon for one calendar year. The church’s active membership is divided up into six care groups. Each deacon is responsible for a care group.

Meet our Deacons

Deacon Conaway (Class of 2019) Moderator

Deacon Bourne (Class of 2018) Session Liaison

Deacon Quigley (Class of 2017)

Deacon Lenker (Class of 2018) Dickinson Resource Team Representative

Deacon Tritt (Class of 2017) Connection Ministry Team Representative

Deacon McDowell (Class of 2019) Secretary and Personnel Committee Representative