Dickinson Presbyterian Church is governed by a unicameral body, called Session. Our session consists of nine elders, who are the spiritual leaders of the congregation. Each elder is a member of one of three teams that plan and order the ministry of the church. Elders are elected by the congregation to serve a three-year term. An elder may serve two consecutive terms, after the second term an elder is ineligible to serve again until the next calendar year. Below is the list of current active elders serving on Session.

Clerk of Session

Lindsey Bradshaw

Meet Our Elders

Connection Ministry Team

Elder Bradshaw (Class of 2017)

Elder Way (Class or 2018)

Dickinson Resource Team

Elder Kotzmoyer (Class or 2017)

Elder Widney (Class of 2018)

Spiritual Growth Team

Elder Eberts (Class of 2018)

Elder Noyes (Class of 2017)