There are a number of ways that you can give to the church. Certainly weekly giving is an important part of the church budget and it is an important part of how we fund our programs at Dickinson. We also have three main funds that the church receives interest and can also pull money from the principle if needed. The Cemetery Fund is Dickinson’s largest fund. Part of the interest from this fund is used to help offset the cost of maintaining our historic cemetery. The General Membership/Ministry Enhancement Fund is used to help fund programs within the church. The Capital Fund was set up to fund the building projects required to maintain our historic buildings. Dickinson also maintains a number of perminant funds in which it receives interest from.

These funds are great ways to contribute to Dickinson that will assure the church that it will be viable far into the future. To contribute to these funds, simply note which fund you would like to contribute to when you make your contribution.